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Life Can Be Magic

Animals Make it Look Easy


"I've appreciated my coaching sessions with Shannon! 

Her passion for helping others comes through strong along with a highly knowledgeable base that she is able to make relatable to my life. Finding the time to slow and listen has been helpful to my life and work.

I look forward to more sessions!"

Brenda Cole MA,LCPC, CMHS


"Shannon exudes a certain amount of confidence and loving energy that brought me so much comfort during a time when Barron (my horse) had so many issues. 

Oh and she was absolutely wonderful with my horse!! 

Shannon is hopeful but she is real. She is firm but she is loving. She is smart! She understood and was able to share her knowledge of my body and mind awareness and how it might affect my horse’s body and mind and vice versa."



"Not kidding. Sat down to do a meditation after we finished and when I just looked at my email, one of the partnerships I worked with said they were sending me $2,000 for work we did in the past. Thank you, Universe and being open to gifts."



You are busy...

I get it TRUST me. You being burnt out is not helping ANYONE. Every area of your life suffers when you are suffering. Your animals can feel your angst, your partner can feel the resistance you have with them, your kids will act up more because they feel your lack of patience.

Your Energy Dictates Your Reality.  

You are Anxious and Overwhelmed...

I FEEL you. Your overwhelmed nervous system can't take it any more. Your "bad" habits are limiting your life and your relationships and you have had enough. You want knew ways to care for yourself and a community of women to hold you accountable.

Your Dream Life Awaits.

You just need to Embody the Woman who lives it.

Life is supposed to be fun. You deserve to feel calm, content, peaceful and full of joy. Everything in YOUR life gets better when YOU feel better. It would be my honor to help you achieve a life that lights you up and makes you notice the MAGIC all around you.

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