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You feel called to something deeper

A piece of you that has been dormant for too long.

You Crave magic, peace and harmony in your life relationships and self.

You are Over dealing with anxiety and want real tools to help

You need/ desire support and accountability on your new lifestyle.

Then you, my love, have come to the right place.


"Shannon gave me what I had no idea I needed. Her guidance was calming and supportive. Her approach was individualized and intuitive. I felt safe to take space to look inward. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone take the time to have a call with Shannon. Slowing down for a moment does wonders."


"I've appreciated my coaching sessions with Shannon!

Her passion for helping others comes through strong along with a highly knowledgeable base that she is able to make relatable to my life. Finding the time to slow and listen has been helpful to my life and work.

I look forward to more sessions!"

Brenda Cole MA,LCPC, CMHS

"Not kidding. Sat down to do a meditation after we finished and when I just looked at my email, one of the partnerships I worked with said they were sending me $2,000 for work we did in the past. Thank you, Universe and being open to gifts."


Options for Working Together

Browse My services below

In all of my offerings we go FULL SPECTRUM.

We can dive into relationships, childhood wounding, money troubles, looking at consistent patterns and how to BREAK them.

We release stuck emotions and start to EMBODY the energies you REALLY want to foster in your life.

Allowing you to start embodying the woman who lives YOUR dream life.

1:1 3 Month Mentorship

3 Months of 1:1 support and TANGIBLE tools to get you back to feeling the magic and miracles in your life. 

1 hour long Call a week and meditations to keep.

Investment of $2,250

or $750 per month

6 Month 1:1 Mentorship

GET SOLID in your practices to create the life of YOUR dreams!

6 months of once a week hour long calls to give you support, accountability and TOOLS for your up level in life!

Meditation to keep for LIFE.

Investment of $4,200

or $700 per month

Bodywork Session for Your Horse 

Coaching Session for you

I work on your horse while we talk about (and formulate plans for) what is going on in your personal, professional or equestrian life. 

I offer TANGIBLE TOOLS for you to take home and add to your tool box. 

$200 for an hour 1/2 long session

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