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Bodywork, Conditioning and Rehabilitation for Horses

Shannon has been certified in Equine Bodywork for the past 3 years and has LOVED the work she gets to do!


The animals she works on have shown IMMENSE improvement in many disciplines and areas.

She has even gotten accolades from Chiropractors about SEVERELY IMPROVED SI regions on horses they NEVER thought would improve.

Her DEEP Love for these animals (and their humans) has allowed her to be able to read what the horse (and rider) need at this point in their training and give feedback/ tips to improve the Horse/ Human Experience.

She focuses on, not only, Deep Tissue massage and myofascial release but energy work and Correct biomechanics movement as well.

Using SIMPLE exercises (WITH OUT gadgets) she creates horses that are not only sound and happy but beautiful as well.

She has worked with and helped horses with SI problems, bucking and behavioral issues, PSSM2, Kissing Spines and many other significant issues with fabulous results.

If you are in the Ocala Area Sessions are $90.

Willing to travel as well. (will cost a travel fee).


Please call or text 802-236-2507 to schedule an appointment.

Located in Ocala Florida

Available for Zoom Consults as well.


"Share your essence as a Radiant Spectacular being of LOVE and ignite the same in others" - SharifahNor


From painful and cranky to happy and working well.

He started with fetlock surgery and Kissing Spines

We ended with HAPPILY jumping small jumps.

"Shannon exudes a certain amount of confidence and loving energy that brought me so much comfort during a time when Barron (my horse) had so many issues.

Oh and she was absolutely wonderful with my horse!!

Shannon is hopeful but she is real. She is firm but she is loving. She is smart! She understood and was able to share her knowledge of my body and mind awareness and how it might affect my horse’s body and mind and vice versa."



"Listen to the Inner Light; it will guide you. Listen to the Inner Peace; it will Feed you. Listen to the Inner Love; it will Transform you."

-Sri Chinmoy

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